1. Welcome to the Jo Geier - Mint & Rare BLOG

    Welcome to the Jo Geier - Mint & Rare BLOG


    Hello and welcome to our blog.

    2020/2021 brought lockdowns, lots of closed business hours and no camera fairs. In these tough times we decided to create a brandnew platform to connect, interact and communicate with you - friends, collectors, camera lovers and photo enthusiasts.

  2. The Leica MP – Jo Geier

    The Leica MP – Jo Geier


    The professional M.

    Since there are so many modern variations of this famous camera we thought we could shed some light into this and list all variations known to us until today.

    May it will help you to choose the MP you are looking for.



  3. W3+ Wetzlar Network - A Regional Focus

    W3+ Wetzlar Network - A Regional Focus

    Dear clients and friends of Wetzlar Camera Auctions,

    we are feeling blessed for coverage on W3+ Magazine of Wetzlar Network.

    Many thanks to Ralf Niggemann and Dr. Ralf Christofori.

    Click here to read the full issue. Stay tuned and continue to follow our ongoing preview of our common auction year 2021.

    Consigments wanted at any time. We look forward to you!

    Jo Geier and Lars Netopil - Wetzlar Camera Auctions GmbH


  4. About - Wetzlar Camera Auctions GmbH

    About - Wetzlar Camera Auctions GmbH


    Proven competences and accurate market knowledge. This expertise of Wetzlar Camera Auctions GmbH provides the prerequisites for valuing and describing high-quality collector's items from the field of classic photo cameras and thus marketing them by means of special auctions.

  5. Leitz & Leica Noctilux 50mm Lenses - Jo Geier

    Leitz & Leica Noctilux 50mm Lenses - Jo Geier


    The Noctilux. One of the most known Leitz lenses and probably the holy grail of many Leica photographers. Until today 6 versions of the 50mm Noctilux have been manufactured which we would like to show you in this blog post. Minimal design changes, different filter sizes, various lens hoods, slightly different engravings. In addition Leica released a Noctilux-M 1.25/75mm lens in 2018 which we will cover in a future blog post.

  6. The Leica H - Lars Netopil

    The Leica H - Lars Netopil


    Extract from the LEICA HISTORICA magazine VIDOM 110 - 12/2015

    Leitz designer Adam Wagner (Fig. 1), who returned ON FOOT from Karlsbad to Wetzlar after the end of the war, resumed his work in the Leitz photo construction department in June 1945.

    Important developments by Adam Wagner included the “f” -type flash synchronization, the Leicavit rapid winder, the Leica IIIg, components of the Stemar 3.3 cm stereo system and the Leica MP2.

  7. Artisans & Artists - Carsten Schouler

    Artisans & Artists - Carsten Schouler

    A lot of photographers have a special relationship with Leica, they either think it’s way too expensive, it’s adorable but out of reach or they love it. I for my part, love Leica lenses – they are absolutely amazing. But not only Leica offers gorgeous rangefinder lenses, Zeiss and Voigtländer sells excellent lenses which are both well-built and highly performant. Every now and then another marque surfaces: I do own (and really like) a HandeVision Iberit 2.4/24 which plays in the same league.

  8. About - Jo Geier

    About - Jo Geier


    Jo Geier has been working with cameras since he was eight years old. His father Karl Geier regularly took him to photo fairs, where he could earn a little money back then. Lens filters and caps were among his specialties. His father gave him his first camera, a Yashica FX-D Quartz with an ML 2 / 50mm lens.

    He tested it extensively in his spare time and during several vacations until he shot 45 pictures on a single 35mm film in Greece. Unfortunately there was no film in the camera, so the decision was made to deal with the "hardware" rather than the "software".


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