General Terms and Conditions

  1. All our offers are provisional and we reserve the right to change the offer in whole or part at any time.
    Your order is simply an offer to enter into a contractual agreement. That contract comes into existence only
    with the shipping of the ordered item. Your order is regarded as valid from the time we receive the electronic
    notification of it. We expressly reserve the right to change or amend, delete the page in whole or in part without
    notification. We also reserve the right to suspend publication for a period or completely.

  2. Orders which we accept by sending an electronic confirmation or by delivery will be expedited at the price on the
    day of the order. All prices are quoted by us in Euros and, unless expressly noted, exclusive of value added tax (VAT).
    Invoices will be made out with the legally required VAT added to the quoted price. Our prices do not include the costs
    of packaging and shipping. Delivery is undertaken by mail or international courier service.
    In some cases and countries we can only ship by mail or international courier service.

  3. We can offer you the possibility of payment by PayPal or with a direct bank to bank transfer.

  4. All goods remain our property until full payment has been made.

  5. Consumers within the definition of the Konsumentenschutzgesetztes (Consumer Protection Act) have the right to
    cancel the contract within 14 days without having to specify any reasons. Return of the goods within the period is
    sufficient exercise of these rights. The time limit begins to run with delivery of the goods to the customer.
    We can’t accept reimbursement for return postage costs.

  6. On one hand we are selling factory condition goods and, on the other, used items. All these are offered as collector’s
    (display) items which will show corresponding deficiencies in keeping with wear and tear according to their age and treatment.

  7. Where a factory new article is defective and that defect can be repaired, the guarantee is fulfilled when the proven defect is
    repaired free within the terms and limitations of the factory guarantee. At our choice, the defect may also be remedied by
    exchanging defective goods or parts thereof within a reasonable time. In this case there is no right to a price reduction.

  8. Collector’s items and used equipment will be described according to the following scale and according to our best
    knowledge and belief.

    The scale describes the optical condition of the article without reference to its functionality or to hidden defects:

    A+: 100% NEW
    like new, with original packing
    like new
    , in mint condition
    A/B: near mint, minimal traces of use
    B: signs of normal use
    C: signs of heavier use
    D: partially or completely defective

    The complete scale from A to D:
    A+;A; A-; A/B; B/A; B+; B; B-; B/C; C/B; C+; C; C-; C/D; D/C; D

    The modified points on the scale act are giving the descriptions greater accuracy.
    The surfaces of all cameras and lenses have been cleaned. Dirt and dust removed.

  9. We do, however, guarantee the accuracy of the information as to the producer of the article. If, within a period of
    one year from the date of purchase, the purchaser can show that this is incorrect and can produce the fake article,
    the purchase price will be refunded at the same time as the fake is returned. Any claims over and above this for damages,
    the implementation of the terms of any guarantee or warranty are hereby explicitly excluded except insofar as they are
    inalienable rights conferred on a consumer by the Konsumentenschutzgesetzt [Consumer Protection Act].

  10. We only use customer data in order to expedite their orders and collect only data which is necessary to complete those orders,
    supply services, ship items and prepare invoices. No stored data will be passed on by us to third parties.

  11. All agreements, subsequent changes, amendments, subsidiary agreements etc.  must be evidenced in writing.
    For these purposes e-mail fulfills the requirement of being written documentary evidence.

  12. Business is governed by Austrian property law. The application of UN laws applying sale and purchase are explicitly excluded.
    The language of the contract is English. Without exception, in any disputes arising out of this agreement, the court of jurisdiction
    is declared to be the one exercising jurisdiction in the local area of our head office.

As of April 2020