Chamonix Saber w. Heliar 4.5/15cm no.674449 4x5" RF Camera Outfit


Ihagee Night Exakta VP Chrome Type B w. Biotar 2/8cm

Voigtländer Prominent 6x9 w. Heliar 4.5/10.5cm 105mm

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The very first camera with built-in exposure meter in very good original condition with Heliar 4.5/10.5cm no.879651 in good working Voigtländer branded Compur shutter, including the original strap and both inserts to convert the camera for 4.5x6cm exposures!, original case, instruction book and a very rare brochure

Serial No. D965832
Production Year c.1933
Condition B/A
Case No
Guarantee Card No
Hood No
Instructions No
Maker's Box No