Voigtländer Prominent 6x9 w. Heliar 4.5/10.5cm 105mm

Chamonix Saber w. Heliar 4.5/15cm no.674449 4x5" RF Camera Outfit

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in near mint condition (actually it came like this) with 100% perfect adapted Voigtländer Heliar 4.5/15cm no.674449 in perfect operable Voigtländer Compur shutter no.2172280, very clean lenses, perfect working rangefinder, with original wooden Chamonix 4x5" film holderto fit this camera, Graflex Grafmatic 4x5"film holder for 6 exposures, Polaroid film back for FP-100C films, a pack of Fujifilm FP-3000B black&white film, the perfect portrait and landscape camera, easy to carry and use, on of the best hand held 4x5" cameras made, made in limited numbers only

Serial No. 157
Production Year 2012
Condition A/B
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