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Leitz / Leica M3D Edition David Douglas Duncan M3D-7

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The most beautiful and exclusive special edition Leica has ever made !
There were a total of 16 pieces from M3D-5 to M3D-20 (as David Douglas Duncan received his 4 cameras in 1955 bearing the serial numbers M3D-1 to M3D-4, like Alfred Eisenstaedt received his M3E-1)
See James L. Lager Vol. 1 p. 185, or Westlicht Auction 22 Lot 128 for the M3D-2 sold for a record price of EUR 1.680.000

The offered camera carries the engraving M3D-7 with matching Leicavit which carries the serial number 1955  !

The exact year when David Douglas Duncan received his 4 cameras.

It is brand new and complete in box with the original shipping box by Lars Netopil.
It includes a 50mm Summicron no.4321007 with focusing handle.

Two advertising brochures, a fine print of Picasso creating the Snow Owl signed by David Douglas Duncan
and a brochure made several years ago showing the making of the Snow Owl !

It even includes one of the rare vintage rewind cranks in used condition - just exactly the type that DDD used to have an all his 4 cameras.

Serial No. M3D-7
Production Year 2014
Condition NEW
Case No
Guarantee Card No
Hood No
Instructions No
Maker's Box No