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Voigtländer Heliostigmat 2/23.5cm (235mm) Brass Portrait Le

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Super rare and probably on of the fastest lens ever made in this focal length range, the lenses are in fantastic condition with only some air bubbles inside, no haze, no fungus, no scratches, some cleaning marks, clean and easy to rotate iris diaphragm to f/12.5, front metal rim dented, front lens diameter 11.7cm, rear lens diameter 8.65cm, original black metal lens flange (diameter 18.5cm), covering quarter plate size for sure. A f/2.5 21cm and 33.5cm are advertised in a 1931 Voigtländer catalogue for 240 USD and 350 USD respectively, "This lens is invaluable for work where the shortestexposures are required and is specially recommend for Portraits of children, artistic work, autochrome exposures and all work in bad or indifferent light", usually made as a cine lens with f/2.5 in smaller sizes this lens is very uncommon and hard to find in this size. - This lens weights 5.4Kg including flange so it should be mounted with great care to any existing camera.

Serial No. 235419
Production Year 1925/26
Condition B/C
Case No
Guarantee Card No
Hood No
Instructions No
Maker's Box No