Zunow f. Leica M39 1.3/5cm


Leitz / Leica IIIc chrome Luftwaffen-Eigentum w. matching Elmar 3.5/5cm Military

SOL Sigriste 6.5x9cm Jumelle Style Camera

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Rare 6.5x9cm varaint in fantastic original condition, magazine for 20 exposures, maroon leather covered walnut body with E. KRAUSS Zeiss-Planar 3.6/110mm no.43162, variable focal plane shutter for up to 1/2000th, folding frame finder, original internal bellows, the version with Planar lenses was the most expensive version, invented by Guido Sigriste and manufactured S.O.L of Paris. Unique shutter with a range of speeds enabling the user to photograph horse races, cyclists and birds in flight with good results.

Serial No. 3-3
Production Year 1900
Condition B/A
Case No
Guarantee Card No
Hood No
Instructions No
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