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Ilford Witness w. Dallmeyer Super-Six 1.9/2" (50mm) - 35mm R

Nikon I w. rigid Tokyo Nikkor-H.C 2/5cm

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very early Nikon I in original condition and good working order (the original shutter has been exchanged but is still included), version 4 film guide rails, fixed spool, covered base, matching serial number in back door, base plate engraved "MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN", with a bit later Tokyo Nikkor-H.C 2/5cm no.617839, UV filter, cap - today it is very hard to find such early Nikon cameras in fine condition, the Nikkor-H.C 2/5cm is a early lens of the second series (starting with 617001)

Production Year 1948
Condition B+
Case No
Guarantee Card No
Hood No
Instructions No
Maker's Box No