Dallmeyer Super-Six 1.9/51mm 50mm 2"


Angenieux f. Leitz / Leica M39 1.8/50mm Type S1

Leitz / Leica NEW YORK Standard Outfit

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in fully original condition with leica III body shell with metal plate covering the place for the slow speed dial, "GERMANY" engraved on top and base plate engraved "open-auf Germany close-zu", matching New York Velostigmat 3.5/50mm no.455411, in rare red E.Leitz Inc. presentation box, Velostigmat Ser. II 4.5/90mm no.455902, Raptar Ser. II 4.5/127mm no.512889, matching leather case, chrome E.Leitz New York FIKUS hood, IMARECT IMFIN universal finder no.2112 w. 28mm E.Leitz Inc. New York TUVOO including a Weston E.Leitz Inc. Leicameter in maker's box - all in top condition and good working order

Serial No. 355027
Production Year 1947
Condition B/A
Case No
Guarantee Card No
Hood No
Instructions No
Maker's Box No