Hugo Meyer Megon 2/10cm


Angenieux 0.95/50mm Type M1 #1026971

Leitz / Leica IIIc Haber & Fink Triple Lens Turret Wollensak

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Post-war IIIc no.464287 with sharkskin leather covering and very rare triple lens turret without hand grip and three matching Wollensak lenses: (1) Velostigmat 3.5/50mm no.487408, (2) Velostigmat Ser. II 4.5/90mm no.501008, (3) Velostigmat Ser. II 4.5/127mm no.483609, IMARECT E.Leitz New York universal finder with 127mm mark - a similar outfit is illustrated in James L. Lager Vol. III page 303 & 304 and LEICA HISTORICA VIDOM 107 page 57

Serial No. 464287
Production Year 1949
Condition B+
Case No
Guarantee Card No
Hood No
Instructions No
Maker's Box No