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Leitz / Leica IIIb Luftwaffen-Eigentum w. Elmar 3.5/5cm Luft

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100% genuine and authentic IIIb serial no.294388 with unique â¬zLuftwaffen-Eigentumâ¬o marking on the back leather covering, delivered on January 29th 1939 to Prag. Please imagine that in January 1939 the armed forces got into the distribution in Prag and took what they had. A similar marking is illustrated in James Lager Volume I on page 84 on camera No.216554. Both got the engraving with the Fl. No.38078 on the top plate and the silver print â¬zLuftwaffen-Eigentumâ¬o on the back. The offered camera comes with an early Elmar 3.5/5cm no.392179 engraved â¬zLuftwaffen-Eigentumâ¬o, delivered to Müller in Memmingen on February 1st 1938. (Which was later NOVOFLEX and with which Leitz had a very close business relationship). In this case it looks as being part of a delivery of an outfit made by Novoflex to the Third Reich. Again this camera is fully authentic and guaranteed.ex. Dr. Luigi Cane collection, the author of "30 Jahre LEICA HISTORICA: Gewindekameras mit Militärgravuren " and several publications in VIDOM, the magazine of LEICA HISTORICA

Serial No. 294388
Production Year 1938
Condition B+
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