Leitz / Leica M3 chrome Double Stroke - No.777088

Gerstendörfer WICA - WIener CAmera - 35mm Rangefinder Leica

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One of the most rare Leica copies.Developed by Raimund Gerstendörfer.Each and every WICA is hand made and therefore unique.The WICA was made in two versions. With â¬zshortâ¬o top and the offered "longâ¬o top versionwith collapsible rewind knob and the very popular Angenieux Type Z2 2,9/50mm in RF coupled focusing mount.The camera is in perfect working order. A proper CLA was done recently. The lens has only a few thin hairline cleaning marksand a few bubbles in it's front element. Included is the original brown leather everready case.Only approx. 30-50 WICAâ¬Ts have survived until today.The WICA was also made with an interchangeable M39 screw mount.

Serial No. 1048
Production Year c.1948
Condition B/A
Case No
Guarantee Card No
Hood No
Instructions No
Maker's Box No