Voigtländer Petzval Brass Lens No.18323 from c.1870


Carl Zeiss f. Contax / Yashica Makro-Planar 2.8/60mm T*


Zenza Bronica ETRSi 4-5.6/45-90mm PE Zoom ASPHERICAL *NEW OL

Voigtländer Petzval Brass Lens No.18323 from c.1870

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in fully original condition with good lenses, smooth rack and pinion focusing, nothing has been polsihed or aged, the barrel is engraved "No.18323Voigtländer & Sohn in Wien und Braunschweig", total height including hood is18cm, lens diameter 6.7cm, unfortunately no lens flange is included

Serial No. 18323
Production Year c.1870
Condition B
Case No
Guarantee Card No
Hood No
Instructions No
Maker's Box No