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Kodak 3A Series III


Leitz Leica IIIc w. GREY Leather & Summitar 2/5cm #586107

Showa Optical Works Ltd. Leotax S

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first Leotax with flash synchronisation, shutter in good working order, rangefinder quite clean and contrasty, with matching Tokyo Optical Co. Simlar 3.5/5cm lens no.566397 (engraved on front ring), good lenses with two bubbles and some minor dust particles inside, matching cap and everready case, HPR states in his book "Leica Copies" on page213that this model was made in serial number range 29xxx-29 600/700 which should make the offered camera a very early example, only 600-700 made, in very fine original condition

Serial No. 28088
Production Year 1952
Condition B+
Case No
Guarantee Card No
Hood No
Instructions No
Maker's Box No